Quiet Storm - Increasing Sales & Reducing Costs for SME's & Owner Managed Businesses

Do you want more control over sales?


Creating a systematic approach to sales and marketing  to predictably increase revenue

The key challenges of any smaller, ‘owner managed’ businesses are time, sales and cash flow. Time to step back from the coalface and see what needs to happen to be more effective. Sales are a rollercoaster because with a small team when you are busy, chasing sales takes a back seat to getting the work done. Cash flow because sales are a rollercoaster! Quiet Storm have a quick and easy process which rapidly unlocks the knowledge in your head. Providing visibility on what’s important and where to focus, to increase sales and grow profits. Implementing a systematic approach to how new business is won. Providing everything you need, or just the elements you choose. Optimising cost, removing excuses - and guaranteeing the most effective results.


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