A Process to Manage Enquiries

How many live enquiries do you have right now?


Without a clear process to manage enquiries you can't focus your attention on those most likely to buy

The process needs to map the steps between taking an enquiry through to 'on boarding' a new client or converting a sale from an existing one. If this information is trapped inside peoples heads, scribbled on paper or sat in a spreadsheet - you are probably losing sales as a result. If you have a process to manage enquiries, which provides visibility on what's happening, together with who is responsible for what actions, you will naturally increase sales. Why? Because you will be thinking differently about the whole process. Mapping the process is a key element of the sales conversion process - having software which provides visibility and accountability is essential to manage enquiries effectively. Which is why we developed Storming® Sales Accelerator and give it to all clients free.




See what happens if you make the change:


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